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What is a Moon Garden?

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These are lists of possible plant choices for your own evening or moon garden. They are suggestions for three different styles of design, but feel free to mix and match for your own tastes.
An All White Flowering Moon Garden
An Evening Flower Garden

A Formal Evening Garden with a Water Fountain

Echinacea 'White Swan'
Iberis - Candytuft
Lilium (any white)
Narcissus (any white)
Hosta 'Aphrodite'
Artemisia 'Silver Mound'
Iris 'English Cottage'
Malus 'White Angel'
Pear 'Cleveland Selct'
Four O'Clocks
Evening Primrose
Lilac (any variety)
Hosta (any variety)
Sweet Bay Magnolia
Tropical Water Lily
Boxwood (any variety)
English Yews
Miscanthus (any variety) Lotus Flower
Thyme (knot garden)
Lavender (knot garden)
Rose (any variety)
Oak (any variety)

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